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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to hold or retain soil. There are many reasons for building these structures, some of which include preventing erosion, aesthetic purposes, and stabilizing sloped yards.

  • Preventing Soil Erosion: A retaining wall can be used to prevent soil from being washed away through erosion. The wall prevents rainwater or water from irrigation activities from washing off soil from your property. This method can also be used to reclaim a space where erosion has already occurred.
  • Adding Visual Interest: In order to create a visually appealing landscape design, you may choose to build a retaining wall to hold back earth. For instance, you may use the walls to create an artificial hill to enclose your garden, or you may choose to create a usable surface area so that you can implement your landscaping ideas.
  • Increasing Stability: Landscaping a sloped garden poses a great challenge. The sloping causes lateral pressure that may lead to the movement of soil downwards. In these cases, you need to build a retaining wall, which will redistribute and accommodate this pressure, allowing you to landscape without the soil sliding downwards.
    The retaining walls can be built using a wide variety of materials depending on the location and desired aesthetic. These materials can range from wood, concrete blocks, stone, and poured concrete depending on the purpose and height.