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Pier & Beam

Many charming older homes come with pier and beam foundations – and a range of foundation repair needs. Until the early 1950s, the pier and beam foundation was the most common type of foundation built. These foundations tend to be robust and long-lasting, but not everlasting, and foundation cracks can eventually occur.

A pier and beam foundation (sometimes called post and beam) is an elevated structure with a crawl space beneath. The crawl space allows for natural ventilation and helps keep the ground beneath dry. Because the home is elevated off the ground, a house with pier and beam foundation may demonstrate a range of issues including sagging, squeaky floors, cracks in walls and around door and window frames, and so on. In most cases, the cause is water, and there are a number of solutions that can be implemented to repair the foundation.

5 Most Common Problems with Pier & Beam Foundations

The following are the most common problems with pier and beam foundations that need repair:

  • Shim failure – it’s not uncommon to find homes with shims made from a variety of non-standard materials in an attempt to provide a fast fix for the foundation. The best solution? Replace inferior materials with steel.
  • Movement of interior piers – the support for interior beams is traditionally concrete footing and brick or block piers and the most common problem is water-induced movement. The best solution? Prevent water from getting under the foundation in the future.
  • Decay or damage to the beams and/or joists – this problem may be caused by excess moisture or termites, and it’s a very common issue. The best solution? Replace the damaged wood and re-shim as necessary, insure that the moisture issues have been addressed.
  • Movement of exterior piers – the cause is often sinking piers as they slide into moist ground. The best solution? Implement proper drainage of water away from the exterior of the home and replace or repair the piers.
    What’s important is to ask all contractors if they have extensive experience working with this type of foundation, as the methods used for slab are completely different. Much craftsmanship and pride goes into preserving these older structures for the best and longest lasting results.

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    How to Know You Need a Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

    There are a few obvious signs that should tell you it’s time to repair your pier and beam foundation:

  • Sloping or uneven floors
  • Sticking windows and doors inside the home
  • Cracks running up the walls inside the home
    At Absolute Foundation Solutions, we determine the root of the problem and ensure the right solution is implemented quickly and efficiently.

    To help us understand your pier and beam foundation repair needs, please fill out our online form. We’ll help you determine the cause of your foundation problems and design a solution that works. Please call 601.899.9147 today.