Absolute Foundation Solutions

Helical Pier

Helical piers are the most reliable type of home foundation repair or new construction support available. They are manufactured offsite and consist of a galvanized steel pipe and bracket that is used under the footing to hold it in place. Holes are excavated in the areas where the work will occur, and the first section of the pier is installed using a hydraulically powered auger.

The first section has a screw or helix at one end that is screwed down, and extension pipes are added underneath so that the desired depth is achieved – usually 30’ to 45’ in our geographical area. The sections are bolted together so that they remain straight. Hydraulic jacks are used to bring the area to the most level condition, and a bracket is set on top of the pipe to hold the area in place permanently.


  • Installation does not use the weight of the house, depth is controlled by the auger
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions and seasons
  • Faster and easier to install
  • Almost zero spoils
  • Minimal site disturbances
  • Due to depth, pile is not affected by changes in weather conditions near the surface


  • Materials are most costly than other methods
  • Installation auger is powered using a mini skid steer or mini excavator