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Friction Pier

Absolute Foundation Solutions Concrete Crack Repair Friction Pier
One concrete crack repair option available is a friction pier. Friction Piers consist of concrete cylinders, approximately 6” in diameter x 16” long. Holes are excavated next to the footing at intervals so that the cylinders can be pushed into the ground under the house.

A hydraulic ram is used with one end against the house footing, and the extension part pushes the concrete into the ground. Cylinders continue to be pushed into the ground until the house begins to rise. At this point, jacks are used to bring the area as level as possible, and a top block is placed on top of the last cylinder.


  • Faster installation than some other methods
  • Less spoils (Left over dirt, etc.)
  • No waiting for concrete to dry
  • Good for soils that are consistently moist


  • Cannot be installed at sufficient depths if the soil is very dry or hard since it uses the building as the counter weight
  • Once soil is wet, cylinders can sink or heave allowing the house to move over time
  • Since cylinders are not directly connected they can twist during installation of with soil movement