Absolute Foundation Solutions

Foundation Repair

Absolute Foundation Solutions, Inc. has found that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to foundation repair. As a result, we have developed unique variations of repair methods. In the following pages, you will find details on the differing methods that we use to customize a repair plan for your home.

First, allow us to explain the one most important thing that sets us apart from our competition. One big thing that we do differently from almost every other builder is that we fill the void created by lifting a slab foundation during the leveling process. Often, the structure already has a void due to drainage issues or improper compaction. Voids are one of the things that cause a slab to settle; slab foundations are designed to sit upon the supporting soils that they were constructed on.

Absolute Foundation Solutions, Inc has developed a mixture that has a very thin consistency that is pumped not only around the footing, but also into the area under the slab or floor of the structure. AFS performs this procedure on every single slab repair because your slab foundation was not meant to ‘hang in the air’ resting solely on the piers used to re-level your home. This simple procedure has been the secret to OUR success in providing our customers with reliable, lasting results. Many other foundation builders are afraid to perform this necessary task because of lack of expertise with insuring protection for plumbing under the slab. AFS has never broken a pipe under a home while pumping.

Absolute offers several methods of repair in order to provide the best solution to your individual concern:


  • Shallow Footing
  • Helical Pier
  • Friction Pier
    Pier and Beam Foundations:

  • Leveling
  • Replacement or repair of damaged wood
  • Waterproofing crawlspaces
  • Repair of curtain walls