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Concrete Repair

A concrete foundation repair is relatively serious business and should be handled sooner rather than later. The quicker the concrete foundation is repaired, the sooner your property will stop losing overall value.

Of course, it’s also critical to call in foundation experts who can help you accurately assess the situation and implement a solution that will overcome future foundation problems. First, let’s start with the warning signs that you may need a concrete slab foundation repair, then we’ll review the best questions to ask about the repair job.

Warning Signs of Concrete Slab Foundation Problems

When it comes to noticing the warning signs that a concrete foundation repair is necessary, a homeowner or building owner has plenty to choose from. The top warning signs that your concrete foundation may need to
be repaired are:

  • Cracking on the walls – in the walls on the inside of your home, you may notice hairline or growing cracks in the finish
  • Misalignment of doors and windows – you may notice that the corners of windows and doors do not meet exactly and they may not shut and open smoothly (or at all)
  • Brick and stone work cracking – you may notice cracks between the bricks or stones of your building. You may even notice that a fireplace has pulled away from the structure.
  • Concrete cracking – you may begin to notice cracks in the concrete on the exposed areas of your home – basement walls, additional slab surrounding the home, even the floor of the garage or basement.
    The differential movement that causes most of the concrete foundation repairs are due to gains and losses in soil moisture, which can cause serious damage as it shrinks and swells. When the frame of the house begins to distort or become misaligned as a result of changes in the underlying concrete foundation, then you’ve begun to see the effects of the foundation settlement.

    Important Questions to Ask

    When a homeowner or building owner believes it’s time to explore a concrete foundation repair, it’s important to ask the following types of questions before choosing a foundation repair company:

  • Do you offer concrete foundation repair estimates at no charge and will you deliver a written estimate? (A trusted repair company like Absolute Foundation Solutions will offer both.)
  • Can you tell me what has caused the foundation problems and what remediation will be necessary over the short- and long-term?
  • How do you determine what needs to be done to fully repair my concrete foundation?
  • What concrete foundation repair system will you use and what is the reason for your choice? (Again, any good repair company can explain both.)
  • Will my plants be safe and will the property be cleaned up after the repair is completed? (Our team at will ensure this happens. Most of the time, plants are kept safe and returned to their original locations.)
  • In the case of slab foundations, will you fill the void under my slab after you have finished leveling it? It is important to restore broad support to the slab or floor of your home as well as the footing. Your home was originally built with the concrete slab sitting upon the ground, and not meant to hang in the air for gravity to push it down again.
    Of course, you already know to ask the concrete foundation repair expert for their references and check the local Better Business Bureau for any negative reports too.

    For more information, please contact your Mississippi concrete foundation repair company online. Or call Absolute Foundation Solutions at 601.899.9147 to speak with a representative.