Absolute Foundation Solutions

Complete Foundation Repair

Absolute Foundation Solutions, Inc. is a full-service foundation repair contractor located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Locally owned and operated by Cesar and Michelle Caballero, we’ve been providing homeowners in Mississippi with foundation repair services since 2002. For your protection, our foundation repair company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

On the day of your appointment, you’ll meet with Cesar, Michelle, or Jeff (our Superintendent) and your evaluation will be done by the people who will be overseeing the repairs to your foundation – not a commissioned stranger.

Call us if you are noticing your home displaying any of these problems:

  • Cracked bricks
  • Leaning chimney
  • Cracks around windows and doors
  • Difficult-to-open doors
  • Cracked sheet rock
  • Tight or sticking windows
  • Widening gaps between joints
    These are often signs of foundation instability, and Mississippi homeowners have plenty to be concerned about. Long-term drought has parched the ground, causing many homeowners to turn to various foundation repair companies in Mississippi to save their homes.

    On the other hand, as moisture returns to the region, drainage can be a problem and poor drainage can be a key ingredient to foundation problems. Hiring a good drainage contractor in Mississippi can minimize foundation problems from occurring in the first place.

    We will provide a free consultation and estimate. We are foundation experts. We will help fix your foundation problem before it gets worse.

    To help us understand your foundation repair needs, please fill out our online form. Got questions? Please call (601)899-9147 to speak with a sales person immediately.

    Q. Is this crack serious?
    A. It might be, and if it is you'll want to fix it soon, but as an experienced foundation repair contractors, we can confirm this after a free evaluation.
    Q. Do you work on older homes?
    A. Yes, we are experienced with older pier and beam constructions and how to maintain their integrity.
    Q. How long have you been doing Mississippi foundation repairs?
    A. We were incorporated in 2002, and we’ve been serving Mississippi home and business owners ever since.
    Q. Will there be a big mess when you work on my home? A. No, we cleanup at the end of each work day and strive to leave your home as we found it except with a level foundation.